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Afghan fem seeds for sale online

Afghan fem seeds for sale online. In the 60s and 70s Afghan hash was the best hash in the world, and widely used in Afghan tea houses. The hash was very sticky, dark brown and had a pure honey-sweet flavour. It was a real Indica and the high it gave made you feel like you were in a dream paradise. In the 70’s it was crossed with a Latin American Skunk, which had more Sativa characteristics. Afghan Skunk consists of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The Afghan Skunk is a cannabis strain which is becoming increasingly popular. I can easily understand this because the high harvest surpasses my expectations again and again. Afghan Skunk is also excellent for medical purposes. Afghan fem seeds for sale online


Afghan Skunk is interesting for both beginners and more experienced growers. The seeds are suitable for all methods of cultivation, so indoors and outdoors. The plant can withstand cold and rain. Wherever I grow Afghan Skunk, its glorious aroma is rarely compromised. The plant does not become very big, but (especially when I grow my Afghan Skunk outdoors) the yield is quite high. A cold climate turns the tops a beautiful purple/red colour, so they will already provide enjoyment during the flowering period. I definitely recommend that novice growers give growing Afghan Skunk a try because the plant is strong and robust and therefore not prone to diseases or fungi. The plants complete their flowering period after 9 to 11 weeks, sometimes even after 8 weeks already. Afghan fem seeds for sale online. Afghan fem seeds for sale online

Afghan fem seeds for sale online

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